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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mooky, Come In!

Frustrating Felines!

Mooky Girl, come home!
Right now!
I've been calling you every hour since mid-night!
What ARE you doing?
Hanging out with your friends?
(You have friends?!)
You're wandering way too far
and you're not even a male!
What's that?
You must be hungry!
I'm shaking the dry food box!
Can't you hear it? !
I thought cats had superb hearing?
Why didn't you chase that string
I dragged in your little Mooky Pansy Face
hours ago?!
Instead, you jumped with a twist
and ran away
and I refuse to play that game, Mooks!
Well, I'm trying so hard not to worry
I'm trying to be mad at you
but it's not working!
(So I can get some sleep!)

……..6:00 a.m. and no sightings…..
I'm e-mailing my friend, sharing my woes,
and something tells me to check
once again…
and there you come running
up the steps,
zipping in by me,
right to your food bowl,
without even giving me a backward glance!
I noticed you had a smug but hungry look
on your little face,
and yes, you have won again!
You got to stay out way past Kitty Curfew!
And now
you are dead asleep
on top of the cat condo
"Queen of the Night" !
I am still trying to be angry at you
but as I go by,
I tickle your belly,
you make a high-pitched little kitten noise,
and I melt,
forgiving you, once again!

Mrs. L, frustrated but very relieved!

Mooky’s Side or… The REAL STORY! (Mooky’s Rebuttal!)

First of all, I'm NOT making my words go all the way down the middle of the page like she does! What's up with that anyway? (She's far too centred.)

And, yes, I do have friends! Lots of 'em!

They think I'm cool too! (Not to mention pretty, with my tiger stripes and leopard spots!)

We do important kitten work, like chasing mice, although none of us have actually caught one yet.

We're training! And good prowling just has to take place in the dark.

And of course I can hear it, you idiot, but do you really think I'm going to fall for that shaking the kitty kibble trick?

As for the following the string lame! You insult me!

I'm way past that! I'm almost a year old! I have real live things to track and terrorize now!

You were worried, were you? Big surprise! You worry about EVERYTHING! Relax!

Yes, I've won again. Who ever heard of a curfew for kitties defined as, "when the dark night clouds come"!

Think about it, old girl...that's when we cats just start getting pumped!

Me? "Queen of the Night"? Well, if the crown fits.

You know you can't ever be angry with me so stop trying. I'm just too darn cute!

And I know how to work it, baby! Got those irresistible kitten sounds down pat! Always works! "You're melting, you're melting!" And "I'm sleeping, I'm sleeping!"……

Until tonight that is...!

Okay where's the centre button just so I know....

Man it’s a tough climb up to the condo! DO NOT DISTURB!


(Paws off all you other crazy kitties!)

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Flower Carts and Cats!

The Flower Shop next door to us has beautiful flowers displayed at the back of their place and it's neat to see all the new ones as they come in. My cat, Mooky, can often be seen hopping up and grabbing a spot on the cart!

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Roses of Life

This is for Twilight and Mystic Rose, who obviously love roses. Twilight has been asking me to post the pic of my roses.

From bottom to top is a progression from all the endless possibilities and potential every living thing starts with, to the full blossom, and then just a minute past its peak until it's all downhill decay from there.

The first stage fascinates and captivates me! Your whole story is encapsulated in that bud and it is yet to unfold and reveal what is in store for you. It's like the feeling I get when I look into a young child's face or when you look wistfully at a picture of yourself as a kid, a time where one is yet relatively unmarked by life's events. A pure innocence of what lies ahead stares back at you..... and there are times when you just want to jump into the picture to re-capture the lively and carefree spirit, and simplicity of youth.

Perhaps at times,we all want to rewind the tape a little and become safely encased once again, waiting for our moment to emerge into a slightly different rose.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm Simply Crushed! Poetry Friday

Mona has given the word, "crush" for this week.

Through lists of soda makers did I delve,

endlessly searching when I was twelve

for someone who had made the pop

that I considered to be the top,

the flavour that I wanted most.

I was just about to give up the ghost

and then my dad said I should write

to ask why this was out of sight.

"I'm diabetic for pity sake!

Is diet grape so hard to make?

Dr. Pepper comes sugar-free

I can't understand how THAT can be!

It tastes like medicine! How does it sell?

I'm sure Diet Grape would do as well!

Oh, can't you just give it a try?

You'll surely see that people buy

Thank you Crush, signed,

Yours in Hope

One month later the reply was, "NOPE,

We don't think it would be a hit

And on the shelves it would just sit

We couldn't risk the low demand

And hope that you will understand."

Signed, Mr. Crush.

....That #%@* schlepper!

Enclosed were coupons - Dr. Pepper!

*** Since I wrote the Crush Company, they have finally come out with Diet Grape Crush. The only catch is that you have to buy a whole case of 24 Rainbow Flavours, including Cream Soda, Orange etc. to get the 8 Grape but of course, I do it!

Do people actually like Dr. Pepper?!***

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Far Away and Losing Touch

can’t seem to get a good connection
Old Ma Bell says,
"There’s too much static on the line, dear."
man, does she have that right.
my mom used to tell me that
there were too many birds sitting on the wires!
what are they doing there anyway,
sitting spellbound
as if they’re in some chorus line,
listening to all the conversing
humming along the wires?

wish I could "reach out
and get the long distance feeling"
(well not exactly the feeling I was going for!)
maybe just reach out
and get any feeling ….
guess I’ll just have to hang up
(my hang-ups get me every time!!)
and try again later….
when the lines of communication

are open

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Guest Writer For Father's Day - My Dad!


Day by day, hour by hour
I watched you grow, little flower.
I watched your precious petals shine
With increased beauty all the time
You stood beside a quiet lake
And all the long day through you’d make
A gentle, mirrored, colour scheme
Of soft light blue, and tender green
You were indeed the sweetest thing
Among the beauties of the spring.
Your loveliness was everywhere
And passing people stopped to stare.
But now a withered clump of brown,
People glance at you, and frown.

Doug Williams


(See last year's Father's Day Post and pics HERE. It featured the story he wrote called, "The Little Red Shoes".)

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spring is Gone! Next Up? SUMMER!

the passage of spring

the first rain of spring,
washing away the remaining dirt
of winter snow
is a distant memory....
crocuses have called it
tulips and daffs have said their good-byes
no trace of trilliums in the woods
pussywillows are past in their gray fur coats
forlorn forsythia, bare once again
lily-of-the-valley are no longer fragrant
a robin pecking for worms
in the early dew-dipped grass
holds no first-rites-of-spring wonder for me
even the rhubarb leaves are punctured
with holes from hungry insects
and I have already dipped one ripe red stalk
in sugar........

spring's sweetness has been savoured

Mother of Invention, missing the freshness of a new spring just a little.....


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The MOI Report!

Today I started my assessment at the Stroke Prevention Centre at the hospital. The woman MD, mid early 40's was amazing and really on the ball. She took one look at me and said, "You're just a kid!"

Bottom line was she really wasn't sure that it was a TIA and has ordered an MRI and I don't know when that is yet. I had an ultra sound of both arteries in the neck today, and the technician slipped to me that she didn't see any plaque in the one, but didn't say anything about the other. That'd be good if that were true about both of them!

She also ordered a test for MS (visual episodes can happen with MS but usually last longer than what mine did)and a pulmonary-respiratory test for asthma. (I think it's because I told her I feel winded when I'm on too much beta blocker heart medication.)

I was relieved to hear that she wouldn't take me off plavix, which I need to keep the stent free of plaque. She also gave me some hints as to how to try and control sugar a bit better, as well as blood pressure. She increased the drug Altace to bring the BP lower.

I go back to her in a few weeks to show her daily blood pressure readings and blood sugar tests, and to discuss the other test results. Then she'll devise a plan if needed.

Oh, she said I should exercise! Yah!

So it's a good ole WAIT &SEE
......waiting being the hard part.

Monday I had 2 shots of cortisone in my painful trigger fingers, and tomorrow, a colposcopy at The Women's Clinic for yearly Cancer screening.

Sheesh! Any more doctors want to see me this week? Take a number! I'm booked!

***Many have said that their symptoms (loss of central vision/strobing jagged lines aura-type stuff) were very similar to mine and they were told they were migraines. That'd be fine with me!

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bit of a Health Scare For MOI!

Just thought I'd update you on some pretty scary health issues that have happened in the last month.

I've had 2 episodes where my vision has gone funny for about 15 minutes and I went to the surgeon and he said not much is wrong with my eyes and it's more likely to be stroke warning. TIA's are transient ischemic attacks and many diabetics get them so that's what I was afraid of.

At the choir pot luck Tues. night, I told Elaine, who was also the cardiac nurse in my rehab. program after I had an angioplasty following a heart attack last year,(ya gotta love this small town!) and she said I should go to the Stroke Centre at a hospital to get assessed. She had all the forms ready for me by 9:00, Wed., I picked them up and spoke to the head of the program. I got them filled in by my GP today and faxed. The hospital will phone me and hopefully I should go on Tues. 12th.

I'll get a full work-up..maybe an ultra-sound of the carotid artery in the neck etc. and some different meds for stroke prevention. She said not to get my heart rate up too high until they know results, but not do nothing..hard to know what to do!! Feel like a time bomb ticking!

Everything is kind of on hold for a few days and I'll keep you posted. It would be an understatement to say I'm a little frightened! I'm absolutely shaking in my boots! And I've been crying a lot too. I'm such a sap and a wimp!

Life can be a crap shoot. I can't really do much but what they advise once I get testing done....and maybe you can't mess with "His Master Plan anyway.

Mother of Invention, holding out for the best.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

A Day In The Life of Weather

Hot and hazy beginning! The humidity built up all day long.

And then the rain came pouring down, cooling everything just a little.

And finally, the thirst-quenched world emerges in all its beauty!

Drink it in!

Bleeding Hearts always remind me of laundry hanging on a line! I just saw white ones for the first time yesterday! I don't think I can call them "Bleeding" Hearts if they're not red though!

Yes, it's June!

You can almost hear the flowers say their thanks.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Poetry Friday: Mad

Mona is all "mad" on Poetry Friday!

In what type of vehicle exactly does something drive you mad?

Or even just around the bend?

Or up a wall?

I hope it's fuel-efficient

Leaves plenty of gas for the next trip

They'll be no guzzling with reckless abandon

on this maniacal ride!

Hang on!

So what brought you here?

Was it the pesky mosquito

buzzing in your ear

on the hottest night of the year

IN your brand new tent?

Was it the tenth telemarketer

calling at dinner time

trying to pedal a frozen cow

when you've just told him

you're vegetarian?!

Or was it that

you slept through the alarm

on garbage day

and raced to the curb

in your p.j.'s

with two bags

just as the truck was pulling away

two doors down?

Or maybe

after perusing the menu

you have your heart all set

on the Pasta Primavera special

and your mouth starts watering

as the waitress tells you

they just ran out

and you wistfully watch

as your plate is delivered

to the very next table!

So what brought you here?
(This is Free Verse...doesn't cost a thing to add one!!)

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