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Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Summer That Isn't!

I wish I could say that this has been a typical hot, sunny summer but it clearly isn't the case. I'm afraid the pattern has already been set and we can't seem to shake it. Every morning, I eagerly anticipate looking at the two week forecast, hoping for a different story but my session always ends in disappointment.

I am going to my sister's cottage this Sat. for a few days but I am probably not going to brave the colder than usual water; I am a self-confessed wimp when it comes to that!

Well, we can always go canoeing and furtively chase the loons with my camera. I wait all year to hear their lovely laughter and mournful cries. This is the best place to hear them any time of the day or night. I am really looking forward to that! The picture here is the best one yet and I rather doubt I will top that but it is always fun to try.
Maybe I will get a close-up of a blue heron as well.

My sisters and I will have a great time in spite of the weather and we always manage to keep up non-stop conversation. We can actually be quite hilarious at times! The little town is full of cool shops with interesting things, typical of a cottage area. Something to do on a rainy day! The meals will be splendid too and hopwfully, we can eat out on the deck.

I'm getting excited! Hope everyone else is having a great summer and please....send any hot sunny weather to us!