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Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Serenity

Thundering Grande Chute Falls on the way to our cabins.....but when we get there, I love the peace and quiet. Hardly any other camps around.

The view from lying down on my bed!

Plenty of firewood!

The boat house and outhouse! Only the men use it...we use the pink toilet inside the cook cabin!

A plethora of wild flowers around the cabins by the pristeen!

The Cook cabin is so neat and very well equipped with hot running water from the pump and propane tank.

The old bridge has seen better days and now no cars can cross, only ATV's. But it's so classic and scenic!

A great sunset every night. And a loon who we hadn't heard all week, finally started calling on the last night. It was eerie and very unusual as I'd never heard it call so many times at so many intervals during the night. I'm taking it as a good omen because I love loons and had missed him. Good vibes from nature and the Universe and all that..

Mother of Invention, still savouring my memories.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer at The Cabins

Just came back and thought I'd post a bit about my vacation. It was just what I needed to gather some strength and peace in order to face my ordeal next week. (see last post) I love this place. One can be so in touch with nature and its creator. It is a great place to pray if you do that or just communicate your thankfulness for all your blessings to the universe while trying to absorb some of its energy.

We drive 6 hours to get to this point and then it takes 1 1/2 hours to drive 26 km on really rough logging roads. They were worse this year because of all the rain and there were ruts on both sides of the road to negotiate.

You can count on running into a few tress or logs across the road and we always bring a chainsaw.

The cook camp where we eat and actually have indoor facilities! PINK toilet and sink!! So we don't really rough it that much.
Just like a pioneer kitchen. It is so handy to have all the pots and pans hanging and the cupboards open.

The sleep camp where we all have our own little beds.

And a great wood stove to keep us toasty on cool nights and mornings!

Only a few fishing cabins around and this year no one was using them...ultimate quiet!
These hills are part of The Laurentian Mountains of Quebec.

Dave caught a pretty big pike which was really hanging on by his teeth to the little pickerel he had caught first!

A perfect evening for fishing!

I never tire of this vista at sunset....

My sisters with me in the middle...and Dave...up in the bush with three crazy ladies! Poor guy!!
Me, drenched after being out in a thunderstorm!

Till next year.....

I wish I could bottle that place and the feeling I get from being there to use throughout the year so I could de-stress and completely chill. I'm going to have to look at these pictures a lot and pretend!
Mother of Invention, trying to stay relaxed and chilled....


Friday, August 15, 2008

Matters of the Heart

Some of you already know that I am dealing with a scary health issue now and I thank you so much for your encouraging thoughts. I am having an angiogram on Sept. 4 and possibly a bypass of some sort some time after that. My recent stress test showed there was not enough blood flow to the heart and I was very winded just after the first two parts. I have already had a minor heart attack after which they put in a stent. I am so hoping for the best, but mostly the strength to deal with what lies ahead.

I am making my annual trek up to my favourite log cabins to fish, canoe and swim but I am taking it very easy as we are 1 1/2 hours away from a hospital. I hope I can forget about my ordeal to come for awhile and just enjoy nature and the company of my husband and two sisters, the three closest people to me in the world.

I'm putting up some various summer pics.

My dad and mom with me, daughter #3.

Me at my parents' place between our famous 150 year-old Twin Oaks!

My dad who turned 89! He had a quadruple bypass at age 69....twenty years ain't bad.

Dad, give me some of your "Life Force". I so need it now.

Our place looking down the yard.

Further back towards the river.

Hope to see you all soon after I get back!

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