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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Reporting in!

Just to let you know how things are going......Here's me trying out that stick you put on the end of a camera so you can hold out you arm and take a picture of yourself!! Not too bad actually!

My knees are still hurting even though I've been wearing a brace for two weeks and I just got my right index finger shot with cortisone yesterday so it is still a bit sore. I'm still swimming instead of walking. I really miss urban poling . I have a stress test on a treadmill on Aug. 12 which will be hard on my knees if they're not in better shape by then. I've tried poling a bit but then my knees and foot hurt. Can't win! I'll just stick to swimming mostly.

My two choirs are over for the summer and so is my volunteer work at the school. I should have more time to read books now! I'm reading all of Rabbi Harold Kushner's books right now and I love the way he thinks.

The reno is mostly done with a few finish-up things to do on the steps for the porch and the deck to be built on the upper level on the roof of the addition. I am so going to love spending time up there! There's even an outside plug for music or a coffee machine!! Or lights!

There is plenty of yard work to do and we've hired two kids to help do some on the weekends and for some of the summer.

I'll post pictures soon of the inside and outside. Have to stop typing now since it hurts and I'm getting a hot flash!!!

Hope you're all doing fine! Thanks for all your supportive comments.