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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Closed Gate

unlatch the padlock
throw off the heavy chain
that binds my gate so tightly closed
so that I may freely
Invite you in
to share
all that I have seen
for I have seen beauty
that knows no bounds
enter and behold
my story -
everyone’s story
who has ever passed
through this threshold
and witnessed
strong billowy white clouds sailing in a brilliant blue sky
a gigantic orange globe of fire sink in seconds beneath the horizon
while giraffes graze the lush green grasses
and gazelles hurdle by
Mother of Invention
(Can't recall the blogger friend that gave me this pic a long time ago!! Sorry! I'll think of it!)


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Outi's Garden Gate!

open gate

garden gate
beckoning us
with its thick lush vines
offering sustenance
tempting our palates
the winding stone path
peaks our interest
with wonder
at the infinite possibilities
that lie ahead -
beyond its curves
clematis cling to trellis
trailing their vines
pretty porcelain pots
clayed contrast
of indigo
and geranium
jeweled in their custom setting
red currants abound
behind bushes
offering the vitality
of rubies round
tomatoes ripe
waiting to share
their succulence
and even the tangled vines
twist and turn their beauty

Ruth Lowe
Aug. 2010