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Monday, February 15, 2010

Always Trying to Catch Up!!

Wow! I haven't posted for a long time! We had an extremely busy December with the usual Christmas bustle which seemed to just carry into January! We saw so many various people that by the time the holidays were over, we just wanted to cocoon.

My husband did some X-Country ski races in the beginning of Feb. so I tagged along and will be doing that again this coming weekend. I swim almost every day during the week, have choir practices for 2 different choirs on Tues. Thurs. evenings, and go in to help at school on Wed. mornings. I can't seem to get everything done I want to or even have to....I mean like just keeping up with the tidying, cleaning, laundry, newspaper reading, pleasure reading and fitting in some interesting or simply entertaining TV shows. Oh yes, I confess that I have discovered Face Book and spend a fair bit of time on that over the day! Maybe I have traded off the time I used to spend blogging with FB. It is interesting but I need to cut down the time spent there. I do really miss keeping up with the people I have met here, though.

How do people do all this plus work full time? I am retired and should be able to accomplish more. It gets me down and then I get down on myself. I have to realize though, that with the health conditions that I deal with, there are just times when I lack energy and speed and don't accomplish much. I need to keep this in perspective and just be thankful for what I can still do and never mind the timelines or compare myself with what others accomplish.

Mother of Invention, trying to do more time management!