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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cats On Tues.

Cats On Tuesdays is presented by Gattina at My Cats And Other Stories.

Please can I watch tv?

The show I want is right here....

Okay, I'll just sit here and be quiet....

Ah, it's starting! Purrfect! Are you making liver flavoured popcorn?

Ah, Mooky, you're such a sweetie! Cats add so much to our lives, don't they?!!!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Poetry Friday...NO!

Apologies for the horrible spacing but Blogger won't edit the changes I want to make!!!!
NO to NO!
the word from Mona is simply "N-o"
I think really hard and nothing will flow
so much and so little at the very same time
I ponder and nothing will come to my mind
it's the word that depicts the terrible two's
the one kids utter when they do what they choose
the word we teach them to say to all drugs
in hopes that they'll listen and still give us hugs
the one that our young girls will say to all sex
when their strength is what we want them to flex
it's a hard one to say and a tough word to hear
and has even been cause for many a tear
a man with a ring would not want to get this
in response to proposal for long wedded bliss....
I can go no further I think I must stop
or this poem is surely to be a huge flop
I am having trouble racking my brain
ideas for verses are starting to drain
the word is expansive it'll take me all day
for the possible uses there is too much to say
so if Mona expects that a poem here will show
then I'm sorry my dear, but the answer is NO!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cats On Tuesdays

Cats On Tuesdays is brought to you by Gattina at My Cats And Funny Stories.

Mooky has to inspect the lumber that has arrived for our floor! It's tamarack which is a hard type of softwood. The builder has it in his own house and says it's durable and a whole lot cheaper than hardwood!

Oh no! I lost my toy mouse down the register! It just "registered" (HA!) with Mooky that she may never see this friend again! But she still continued to look for it afterwards as most cats do!

I'm not helping you strip wallpaper either! I've helped enough with my inspections!

Time to relax and roll around in my winter fat. Mooky is so chubby now she looks like a grub! If you threw her, she'd roll just like a ball I'm sure!

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Poetry Friday Word: JUICE!

Maggie is hosting this week for Mona and we all know what a juicy gal she is! I just had to offer you a choral chant I wrote for my Gr. 3 class a few years ago after we studied Dr. Seuss. The kids thought it was really cool and we performed it for the rest of the school in an assembly. Even the Gr. 8's told me they loved it! If there are any teachers or anyone at all who wants to use this, be my guest! Dr. Seuss would approve!

Tribute to Dr. Seuss! (Chant for Kids)

You were cool! You were loose!
You had the juice!
Yes, we’re talkin’ Dr. Seuss!
You had that Cat from the Hat comin’ back,
You had Sam I am, eating Green Eggs and Ham,
You had Horton Hatchin’ That Egg!
You had us thinkin’ The Thinks We Think,
The ABC’s that really please,
You made Who-ville rock,
And that Fox in the Sock,
You got us reading for the very first time,
And all because of your catchy rhyme!
The nonsense you wrote was full of fun
And in no time at all, the book was done.
Some words were big,
Some words were small,
We loved them so much
We read them all!
You sure had the juice, Dr. Seuss!
Your real name?
Ted Geisel
And we’re all glad we knew you well!
Keep cool,
Keep loose,
Dr. Seuss!

Copyright 2005

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Cats On Tuesday!

Gattina hosts this Cats on Tuesday so go visit her and all the other cat lovers and their famous felines!

Mooky loves a ring side seat and we can tell she's going to spend a lot of time looking out of our newly-added room at the back!

As part of the reno, they had to dig a huge hole in the basement for plumbing. Guess who discovered that?!! This is definitely an open unvitation to a cat!

Socks and Mooky hesitate to go outside on a snowy night.

And then, out she goes! We waste more heat waiting for their "Final Answer"!

Let sleeping cats lie! This is one of the rare times I found Socks (on the right) and Mooky sleeping so closely together!

(")_ (")Š

I don't know where I got the "drawing" above but I know I'd never figure out how to do it!


Friday, January 11, 2008

Memories of an Apron

Inspired by Pauline, at Writing Down The Words, I wrote the first verse in her comments and then continued later. She got me thinking about an apron my mom had when I was a very young child and which conjured all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings! I wish I had a photo of it and no googled image could ever do it justice. It shall remain locked in my mind's eye I suppose....but maybe you can see it just a little!

yellow hooped apron
red strawberries all over
mom's baking cookies

I searched and clicked
and kept hoping to see it
around my mom's waist

her young face beaming
with the promise of baking
and a mother's love

I just googled it
what did I really expect
of course it's not there

it is in my mind's eye
always safely tucked away ...
precious memories

Mother of Invention, having a sudden yearning to bake cookies with my mom.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Funny Cats!

I just had to do this! As a young child, I never had any pets and was always envious of stories about dressing up your cat in doll's clothes and taking them for a walk in the stroller. Well, this was as close as I could get to that!

This is my aunt's friend's cat who apparently is toilet trained! Think of all the money she's saved from not buying kitty litter!

My cat, Soot, waiting for his friends to call! I always wanted to send this picture in to a phone company (Bell Canada) for their ad campaign, especially the one that said, "Get the long distance feeling, Reach out and touch"!

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Reno Update

I can't wait till this fire place is hooked up and we have another wicked snowstorm! (Mooky wants her place by the fire too!)

Here's lookin' at you!

As you can see, Mooky approves! She can hardly wait to get a seat by the window!

A bathroom where the old porch was. I love all the bricks inside!

It's coming along!!

Drywall is all done and painters are coming soon to talk about colours. Oh Boy! We're also picking out the 9 pot lights for the ceiling and 5 light fixtures for the walls.