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Monday, December 22, 2008


Today's my 55th birthday! I can hardly believe I have lived that long. I feel more like 35 in my body on the other hand, feels much older. Too many health issues and aches and pains!

I've not found time to read many blogs this fall and perhaps I'll do more when the cocooning season is upon us for the long winter months ahead. Just wanted to say to everyone, Have a fabulous holiday season! Enjoy your family and friends and try not to get too stressed!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mooky Goes To The Dentist!

Yesterday, my 4 year-old cat, Mooky, had her 2 canine teeth plus 3 other teeth extracted. She apparently has bad gum disease and was in discomfort while eating. We'll never know whether this was really needed and just a money grab-scam by the vets, but I guess we have to trust the tune of $560.

She came home quite drowsy and later, wobbly on her feet. She also was leaking urine for awhile. The vet gave her a needle for anti-biotic that will last 2 weeks, plus a needle for pain. We have to continue giving her liquid oral pain meds for 4 days. Mooky has switched to soft food, needless to say!

Her usual habit of rubbing her cheeks on everything has been slightly curtailed...that is to say, she starts to do it and then quickly realizes that it hurts so stops....but then continues to do this over and over again ! Such is the way of strongly ingrained habits of animals!

Poor Mooks!

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