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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cutting Some Rug?

DON'T ever do this: Put down a little scatter mat for your cats to use by the fireplace WITHOUT putting an under pad underneath first!

Two weeks ago I did this and came sailing into the room and slid onto the floor, tearing some ligaments in what was already my bad knee. I also badly sprained my ankle. The last 2 weeks have been nothing but icing, putting my leg up on my Lazy Girl chair, reading, and hobbling around with a cane. My cats haven't even noticed my pain, of course!

The one good thing is that I have read many good books: Nicholas Sparks', Dear John, Wally Lamb's, She's Come Undone, and the best one, The Book of Negroes which I am half way through now.

I've had lots of time to practice my choir concert songs, one of which is a duet I'm singing, JT's version of "You've Got a Friend". I'm singing the pretty higher harmony part. Hope we do it well this Sat.!!

Up here , lilacs are just out and lily of the valley too! It is actually going to be 28C today and that's unseasonably warm but we'll take it! I'm so on my deck!