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Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy 2009!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday Season and here's wishing you a very Happy 2009.

Ours was a very busy season and I'm kind of glad it's over and we can get back to a regular routine of more sleep and less stress.
My parents celebrated their 65th on Dec. 15th. They have had an amazing marriage and are lucky beyond most people's wildest dreams. I think they look pretty darn good for 87 (mom) and 89!

Socks loved Christmas!

As did Mooky! She claimed this present!

I really think that I'll blog less in 2009 as I just have too many other areas in my life that I'm not covering as well as I should be. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting and I'll try to get around to yours every so often.
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