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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Blogged Up?

All bloggers feel this way at times ....

getting de-blogged
takin’ a break
brain’s getting clogged
startin’ to ache
it ain’t no use
if no one reads
don’t have the juice
nowhere does it lead
why I need to share
don’t really know
and I try not to care
but then, where does it go
my ideas are sunk
right on the page
my writing’s defunct
locked in a cage
my words stay with me
static and still
and no one will see
the pages I fill
Mother of Invention

Monday, February 20, 2006

Chants To Catch A Fish!

What a great day to go fishing!
Pack gear, take a lunch,
Rod and net, things to munch
Tackle box, hey, wait!
We forgot to bring the bait!
All set? Get in the boat,
Headin' out....
Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke
This looks like a perfect spot
To try out all the stuff we bought
And fish with all the luck we've got!
Cast... z-z- Plop!
Line's in
See the shiny metal spin!
Reel in... slowly now,
Gotta make'em bite somehow.
Sh-sh-sh-sh! (to four counts)
Nibble, nibble, tug, bend,
Something's at the other end!
Nibble, nibble, bend, tug -
Think it finally took my plug!
See it jump? Easy now!
It's a bass! Holy cow!
Bring her in but let her play,
Let her think she'll get away.
Z-z-z-z! (to four counts)
Keep the tension on the line,
Piece of cake! It's almost mine!
Hokey man! Get the net!
I've got the biggest fishy yet!
Reach, scoop, reach, scoop...
Flip, flop—splash! (count 2 rests)
Snap! Gone!
You should have seen it!
It was THIS LONG!! (show with hands)
Copyright 2005
Mother of Invention