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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Cottage!

I just came back after spending a week at a cottage. Man, I could really get in the cottage mode all summer!

I love the western exposure because of all the great shots you get at sunset.

Nothing to get up for except the good coffee! From left, my sister, Joan, my sister, Gail, and MOI. Morning Beach Babes!??? Hags??!!

A beautiful sandy beach literally right at your doorstep makes swimming and boating so easy!

An old mahogany boat they restored called, "Mr. Sub"! (They found it sunk to the bottom of a bay!)

Ah! Me...a dock babe!

We went to hear my brother-in-law sing on the porch of a resort nearby. Left to right: Me, Gail, Joan.

Bill, the one who plays guitar and sings harmony on the song I wrote and sing on this blog!

I love our yearly sister-fest at the cottage!


Monday, July 07, 2008

No Huge Updates

Thanks for all your visits and hope you're all faring well.

Here I am at my choir's end of the year pot luck. I've been eating far too much at all the lunch, coffee, and dinner get-togethers I've been having. Bad news because I still can't exercise by walking or biking due to painful knees. This is really trying my patience. I am still attempting to swim, using mostly arms, every week day.

We're going to my sister's cottage for a week this coming Sat. July 12, which is also our 28th wedding anniversary! My other sister and her husband will be there so that will be so much fun. We all get along quite well.

I have been having all kinds of company for lunch, dinners etc. since our reno/remodel is done. It allows us so much more space and not to worry if it rains! The big oak cover over the fireplace acts as a bar type structure!

My soon to be 89-year-old dad on Father's Day!

The new room has a cottage-lodge feel to it so people tell us.

Looking back from the windows to the other side of the room and looking into the dining room. I just love the brick!

And now we get to look out at all this!

We resurrected the old pillar and cement slabs to keep the old look. This is what the original front entrance looked like before we made it my husband's office.

We still need to grow grass and do some landscaping. AND..we're building a deck on the roof of the addition!! You'll get to it through the summer bedroom balcony door! Can't wait to have coffee up there!

But what a change in nine months!

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