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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Any Minute Now!

It could happen any minute! I keep going down my deep backyard several times a day to check and see if there's been any action. It would be tragic if I missed this! We should have a time lapse camera set up.

You see, my lilacs are just waiting for their precise time to burst out in bloom! They are so ready, it must be killing them as much as it is me, to have to hesitate any longer! The tight, little green balls are just beginning to split ever so slightly so as to reveal which colour they will be.

We have several white and about five purple. It is said that the white ones actually smell more fragrant but I still prefer the purple. This is probably just that conditioned colour association thing...I should get someone to do the blindfold sniff test on me!

I'm sure I'm making a way bigger deal out of this than usual because it is a symbol for the official breaking out of Spring In Ontario, and believe me, this year I've really been looking forward to it. It was a long snowy winter here, I've been recuperating from some major health issues, and my husband was off cross-country skiing a LOT! This Spring represents rebirth and renewal of good health and happy spirits.

I'll go down tomorrow morning, coffee in hand, my two feline friends, Socks and Mooky following along, and I'll be wondering if today is the day.

Mother of Invention, saying, "Bring on the lilacs!"


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