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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cardio Girl!

Went to my 1st cardio rehab today and it was kinda weird. Nobody from my hospital room! Not many women and only 1 near my age and she was really obese. The rest were really old and most of the men were overweight. A few were my age and already back at work. I felt like I didn't belong, but sadly, I do! Just hit me in a very strange way.

My legs were sore from the stress test yesterday (it was good - didn't sweat as much or get as winded as the last one) and got sore today while doing just 7 min. on the's a lot harder than walking! Fibromyalgia still does its number on me! I only do a bit on the treadmill because my toe joint gets sore. I took myself out for a decaf at Groundswell after! Then, I had a badly needed massage this aft.!!

I'll have to build up on the bike and try to swim too when I can. There is supposed to be a program called The Wave for people with arthritis at the Nottawasaga which might be gentler for me. I should phone about it.

Have fasting cholesterol and sugar tests tomorrow a.m. Going to see if they'll fax them to Dr. Hess, the cardio guy I'm seeing Mon. at Newmarket. They're faxing my stress test so they don't duplicate it. Then I'm going to check the library and used book store for Heart Smart cookbooks.

Actually went to a staff meeting yesterday just to "Feel the Frenzy"! And be glad I'm on a break from that. One little Gr. 1 kid I taught saw me came running up, hugged me and said, "Oh, there you are. Where have you been? Everyone still thinks you're off with a broken leg!" Took me awhile to connect but those gr. 1's were fascinated with the cast I had to wear for 2 months in the fall..and we all know they NEVER forget anything! HA!

Not sleeping out in our summer bedroom tonight! Too cold!

All for now!

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