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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Kiddo,You Make Me Smile!

Some days you just have to smile at the peculiar things kids say to you. Of course, some comments stand out more than others. On one day, when a particular boy who is often in detention, was having more troubled times, he spent his entire precious time at recess walking the yard with me.

Well, I was a captive audience, except for my constant scanning of the field to catch any problems. It seems I always pick up the kids that need the extra TLC and a keen ear for listening. They hone in on me like a Geiger counter.It amazed me that with only talking for 15 minutes, such a strong bond was formed. We exchanged numerous tales about our cats, stories about his dogs, bunkbeds, colours of rooms, tv shows, favourite snacks....a lot of ground covered besides the ground we covered walking the yard.

First thing the next morning, he came right to me, said Good Morning, and asked me how I slept! Never had that question! But, of course, I answered it.
Since then, he comes up to me several times a day to ask if I'm coming to his class. He desperately wants to hold doors for me and help me carry all my stuff. In the middle of a class he put up his hand and I thought it was so great he was paying attention and going to answer my question. He said, "You sure are wearing a lot of wood today!" I had on a carved wooden bracelet, earrings and necklace!

But the best comment was today! I had two problems on the yard for which I had to write up "yellow behaviour sheets" for a few boys to pass on to the office.
As I was walking up the stairs, explaining to the boys' teachers that I didn't have the time to do the paper work until noon, this boy, who is notoriously familiar with this detention process offered, "I could help you with those sheets.""I'm sure you'd just love that!" I said to myself.Still smiling, I responded, "Thanks, but I've got this one covered!"

Mother of Invention, still chuckling a little at the innocent irony!


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