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Thursday, April 06, 2006


As we are all Divine Children of God, we are worthy of having our Angels of Light gather round us during dark and difficult times, in a spirit of love, guidance, protection and healing. I have done a great deal of gathering these past five months!

I let the light of others shine for me when I am weak as I do for them when I am strong. It is in this that I affirm my faith in the spiritually kind attitude of people.
While I was trying to deal with my illness in a positive way, I focused on Gratitude, for surely it lies on the other side of hope. As I wrote down a daily list of some things for which I was grateful, I was stunned to realize how incredibly blessed I am! I do indeed, have some serious Guardian Angels!

I have continued to make a good recovery and look forward to giving my Cardio Rehab Program my best effort!
I believe that expressing Gratitude is an important part of the "People Process" in life, as is the sharing of Blessings.
Thanks to you and your Congregation for including me on your Prayer List, and to my friends, Carolyn Blackwood and Margaret Enever for thinking of me.
And a special thanks to Elly, who instinctively knows how to nurture a true and caring friendship!

To all of you in the "Knox Community",

Shine On!

Mother of Invention


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