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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Recent Report!

The Beaches is such a cool area of Toronto! A very trendy, safe neighbourhood type feeling with neat little shops, produce markets and cafes. I walked 2 miles to the lake and back, which was uphill...I was so tired!

My husband skied cross-country on Sat. but the snow is now finally diminishing! Then we went to a Millpond concert and saw Ken Whitely who is fabulous.

I've been walking 1 mile a day for 9 days now so that's okay for now. My next stress test is on the 18th so hopefully it will be just as good or better than the 1st one. I raked leaves yesterday too. My muscles are incredibly sore and I can't take Tylenol because of the liver, and no advil because of the heart! Yikes! Suck up the pain, girl, but I'm not good at that!
Having a massage today and also getting my hair highlighted and trimmed. Kinda like spa day! Getting our house cleaned today too so I better go tidy sucky cat, Socks, is sleeping on the bed so I might just have to leave that!! She just sits there and watches Tamie vacuum because she knows her well...she always goes into the office where Tamie gives her part of her tuna sandwich so I guess she thinks she might score some more! Ha!

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