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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Disasters of Spring!

Spring develops rapidly at this time of year and I must go out to survey my property daily so that I may see and appreciate every evolutionary step in this delightful process.

The lilac leaves have just burst forth and it won’t be long until they will reach full foliage. Soon after, I can feast my eyes (and my nose!) on the beautiful purple flowers so faithful to their glorious reputation! They shall always be welcomed as the first flowering bush of spring in my backyard! (Oops! I lied! I forgot that we planted a small forsythia way down by the river in our backyard! Much to my surprise, it came out magically all at once a day ago. I had forgotten that we had added that! Kind of like those new summer tops I bought last year on sale and I'm delighted to discover them on my first trip up to the attic to bring out the new season's clothes!)

Upon one of my visitations last week, I knew something wasn’t quite right when I couldn’t locate my young pussy willow plant. I have always wanted one of these unique bushes with their silky cylinders of fluff every kid, (except me!) has brought to the teacher! Finally, last year, I was fortunate enough to have a friend root some for me. I carefully planted them in a spot where I was sure to see and enjoy them. But alas, I fear disaster has struck, for it is absolutely nowhere to be seen!

I am dismayed as I reflect and come up with the most plausible explanation there could be. The young boy, who runs wildly all over our yard with the lawn mower, (for which we pay him good money) has obviously cut it down on the last day of "work" last fall! He has no clue or remorse that he delivered this devastating disaster to this innocent young plant!

Hmmm! New pussy willow vs. new lawn cutter? What a decision that’ll be!

Mother of Invention, still lamenting the fact that she doesn’t have a pussy willow to give the teacher!


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