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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Boys Return!

Well, the fishermen returned from their male bonding excursion a day early! I guess three days of pouring rain is enough, even for them! And everyone knows that fish always bite in the rain, so it follows that they had already caught their limit of a variety of trout and splake anyway. Splake are a cross between lake trout and speckled trout. The Quebec ministry has stalked quite a few lakes with these big fish. Lucky for our group, these fish have taken very well.

What this means for me, however, is that we have a lot of extra food in my fridge and several large fish in my freezer. I don't actually care to eat fish but there will be a few fish fries happening shortly for all the trippers. Each one of them has his own favourite recipes for coating, baking and frying these fish as well as for preparing home fries.

It seems that all the lures worked splendidly, especially the Panther Martins, Williams Wobblers and Woolly Buggers! The real fish enthusiast takes great pride in his tackle box! These boxes used to absolutely fascinate me as a young child! I could not believe how many storage sections were actually contained in such a seemingly small box! The metal unit would spread open outward in two directions to expose multi-levels of various sized compartments. Silver of any sort always caught my eye but there were also attractive gold metal designs, wonderfully painted wooden mini-fish, feathery flies, red and white bobbers, rubber worms and frogs, and just a myriad of other treasures. It was almost as good as looking through my mom's jewelry box!

All the members and guests had a great time of camaraderie and sport and will probably already planning to return next year.
As for me, I can hardly wait to spend 10 days up there in August where on a hot and sunny afternoon, a bass will be jumping high out of the water, bending my rod with a lively frog in its mouth!

Mother of Invention, looking to purchase my first tackle box!


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